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Bizard System
Powerful tool for data center owners and their clients
WebVerge team created a big complex solution for data centers and their customers. It consists of two separate interfaces: Bizard Tunnel for Business & Bizard Tunnel for Clients.
Bizard System is a powerful tool for data center owners and their clients. It provides users with live monitoring and operations transparency management, as well as receiving maximum profits from mining
General information
As a high-margin income-generating activity, mining is becoming increasingly popular. However, it requires large capacities, which, in turn, opens new avenues for mining centers that offer the necessary equipment.

The client, a large mining center, commissioned WebVerge to create a reliable SaaS solution for data centers and their clients. The project team placed their focus on the development of reliable architecture, server infrastructure and path balancing, enabling the equipment to maintain speed even at heavy loads.
This WebVerge -created system monitors equipment status and mining profitability. It informs users not only about probable malfunctions but also about opportunities to increase data center profits.

With great experience in this sphere, we provided the client with personalized services and a commitment to their business goals. Consequently, we created a quality solution that easily integrates into a user’s infrastructure at lower costs than competitors.
The Process and Results
The WebVerge team created a complex solution for data centers and their customers. It consists of two separate interfaces: Bizard System for Business and Bizard System for Clients. Each interface has a web-based and mobile application version that offers an easier and more effective user experience.
Bizard System is a large, complex monitoring system that includes many powerful and useful features.
For data center owners:
Automatic control of each mining element in real-timereal time.
In-depth statistics on all pools, channels and mining hardware, as well as algorithms of each data center client on one interactive.
Immediate notifications about all emerging problems.
Client database management.
Accepts pool payments with commission distribution to data centers and their customers.
Advanced payment adjustments for data center clients (setting fees, electricity payment, service, etc.), with a real-time representation of all transactions and other financial statistics.
And much more.
Features specific to data center clients include:
Obtaining accurate data on data center operations in real-timereal time.
Fraud exclusion (all data from data center operations is recorded in the blockchain).
Automatic calculation of obtained coins and earned profit.
Objective control over remuneration distribution.
And more.
Cooperating with the client, we created a modern and powerful instrument for all those involved in the mining process. Using Bizard System, you can run your business from anywhere in the world.
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