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Bizard Tunnel
Сentralised system to control the mining powers
Bizard Tunnel is a centralised system developed to control the mining powers at the high level. It gives the user all the abilities to manage their hashrate using a user-friendly interface. The system provides the user with the real time control over all the hashrate they have and monitor the details of every single mining element as well.
General information
Our team created an all-in-one simple to use effective instrument for all the mining people
WebVerge Owlab team created and is currently supporting the effective web & mobile mining
monitoring & management tools for mining people all over the world.

Bizard Tunnel is:
— The stats for all the user's mining pools on one dashboard
— Detailed info on each separate mining node
— Notifications if any possible problems occur
— Switching pools and coins the user mines without hashrate loss
— Remote control over all the processes
— Specialised data transfer architecture that is resistant to blockings
— Mobile application
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